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A luxurious brand for hotel linen, blinds, and chairs


Hibernation needs to establish a brand identity. That the brand identity should be consistent across all platforms, from the website to social media to packaging. Hibernation needed a product-based approach that engages their potential clients. As it’s mainly a b2b business they are more concerned about leads than just followers.

Social Media Posts


Hibernation needed a whole new branding strategy as it’s a B2B business. So, our first suggestion is to use social media to engage with customers and build a community around the brand. This can be achieved by responding to customer inquiries, reposting customer photos, and creating opportunities for customers to share their experiences with the brand. And for lead generation, product-centered ads campaigns were started and now it is going very well.

The next step is to focus on the personalization of Hibernation. As they are mainly using a white theme for all products, it’s a little bit task. But our designers sorted it out very well. We started it through posts that showcase the ultimate sleeping experience, such as cozy bedroom setups, relaxation tips, and other content that aligns with the brand's value and theme. And they are happy with the results.

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