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Garden & Landscape
Garden & Landscape

We succeeded in crafting a captivating online platform that showcases their exceptional work and services for both commercial and residential clients throughout the Middle East. Let's delve into the details of what we have accomplished to bring the beauty of Ashjar Landscaping and Gardening Services

See How it Works


Our client, Ashjar Landscaping and Gardening Services a reputable gardening and landscape company located in UAE, sought to establish a strong online presence to attract potential customers, showcase their portfolio, and engage with a broader audience of gardening enthusiasts. They wanted a website that reflected the elegance and artistry of their landscape designs while providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the client needed a platform to highlight their range of services, share gardening tips, and foster connections with prospective clients.

Our Approach

To capture the essence of our client's stunning garden designs, we employed a visually engaging design approach. We crafted a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and intuitive menu options. Visitors can effortlessly explore the portfolio, services, and gardening resources with just a few clicks. Our client's vision and requirements guided our meticulous design and development process, resulting in a captivating website that reflects the artistry of their landscape designs and showcases their services to a broader audience.


Our innovative approach successfully transformed the client's gardening and landscape expertise into a captivating online presence. With a beautifully designed website, an immersive garden portfolio, interactive gardening tips, and a seamless content management system, we provided Ashjar Landscaping and Gardening Services a new touch.
To create an impactful online presence, we designed a dedicated page that says who they are. These pages featured compelling imagery, detailed descriptions, and interactive before-and-after sliders, allowing users to fully appreciate the company's expertise. We dedicated a section to outline the comprehensive range of services offered by the gardening and landscape company. Through concise and informative content, users gain a clear understanding of the company's capabilities and specialties.

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